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Huawei’s Mate 10 Pro can drive a car without running over your dog

Huawei P10

The emerging generation of autonomous vehicles are packed with high-end machine-learning computers, a range of cameras and motion sensors.

Huawei reckons its existing Mate Pro 10 can do a pretty good job too. The firm is touting the P10 as the first first AI enabled phone to drive a car.

It’s RoadReader project put the firm’s object recognition software and learning capabilities to the test in order to avoid running over a dog.

It believes the P10-powered Porsche Panamera beats current autonomous vehicles because it can tell a dog from a cat, for instance.

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The firm says: “Unlike other driverless cars, which simply detect obstacles, Huawei has used the embedded artificial intelligence on its Mate 10 Pro smartphone to transform a Porsche Panamera into a driverless vehicle that doesn’t just see, but crucially, understands its surroundings.

“This means that it can recognise different types of obstacles and respond with various manoeuvres accordingly.”

You can see the demonstration below. We’re struggling to believe it really sat a super cute Labrador in the middle of the road and trusted the vehicle to swerve out of the way, but we’ll leave that up to you.

Huawei says it developed the system from scratch in just five weeks. It converted the car to be robotically controlled and then built a communication system between the phone and the car.

“Our smartphone is already outstanding at object recognition. We wanted to see if in a short space of time we could teach it to not only drive a car, but to use its AI capabilities to see certain objects, and be taught to avoid them” said Andrew Garrihy, Chief Marketing Officer, Huawei Western Europe.

“If our technology is intelligent enough to achieve this in just 5 weeks – what else can it make possible?”

The company is bringing the car to MWC in Barcelona next week, where we’re hoping to get a closer look.

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Kodi site TVAddons’ future looks bleak after court rescinds lifeline


TVAddons, the most renowned Kodi add-on platform, is also the most vocal and vociferous in its belief the service it provides is lawful.

However, the stream aggregator’s owners have been struck a mighty blow in its efforts to stay online in Canada.

Last June, a court ruled evidence procured in no-notice home search of Adam Lackman was inadmissible because it had not been executed lawfully.

As a result, a ruling forcing TVAddons offline was vacated, giving it a lifeline to remain active.

Now, TorrentFreak reports, an appeals judge hearing the case from copyright holders in Canada has reversed this decision, while casting aspersions on the add-on’s motives.

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Appeal judge, Justice Yves de Montigny, says the service is “clearly designed” to be used by “those who want to circumvent the legal means of watching television programs and the related costs.”

In a further blow, the new judge also drew parallels with the pre-loaded ‘Kodi boxes’, which are currently subject to a different legal case in the Candadia courts.

“The service offered by the respondent through the TVAddons website is no different from the service offered through the set-top boxes,” he said. “The means through which access is provided to infringing content is different (one relied on hardware while the other relied on a website), but they both provided unauthorized access to copyrighted material without authorization of the copyright owners.”

While its clear that copyrighted material from high profile shows can be obtained via TVAddons, the original judge had said less than 1% of the add-ons provided access to content illegally. The appeals judge is also contending this assertion.

The judge said: “I agree with the [telecoms companies] that the Judge misapprehended the evidence and made palpable and overriding errors in his assessment of the strength of the appellants’ case.

“Nowhere did the appellants actually state that only a tiny proportion of the add-ons found on the respondent’s website are infringing add-ons. [Justice Bell] therefore clearly misapprehended the evidence in this regard by concluding that just over one percent of the add-ons were purportedly infringing.”

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Leak suggests Galaxy S9+ cost will be huge, but still cheaper than iPhone X


The Samsung Galaxy S9+ will cost just a few Euros under 1,000 according to noted leaker Evan Blass.

Samsung is planning to charge 997 Euros for the larger of the two, Blass said in a tweet from his @evleaks account, while the standard Galaxy S9 will be 847 Euros,

With a direct currency conversion, that works out to £880/$1229 for the S9+ and £743/$1,036 for the S9, although each region will almost certainly have its own pricing.

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It’s also not clear whether these prices represent the base storage models. This could very well be the starting point for both handsets, with more capacious storage costing more.

As it stands the Galaxy S9+ will still be cheaper than the iPhone X, which starts at £999 in the United Kingdom.

However, last year’s Galaxy S8+ cost £779, while the SIM-free S8 started at £689. If these prices are accurate, Brits may be facing a pretty significant hike.

US buyers will likely be significantly paying more for an S9+ than they would for the homegrown iPhone X ($999), unless Samsung prices the phone more aggressively across the Atlantic.

The pricing leak comes just three days before the handset is unveiled at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, during the firm’s Unpacked event.

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We’re expecting a modest update in terms of design, but plenty of significant upgrades in terms of the camera. For starters, the S9+ is almost certain to become the first handset in the range to pack a dual camera.

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