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The Best Compression Socks for Most People


Three different pairs of compression socks. One pair is on a person's feet, and the other two are lying on either side of said feet atop a chunky off-white knit carpet.

To find the best compression socks for most people, we consulted folks who wear them for all manner of situations: while working on their feet, during pregnancy, while running, after working out, while traveling, and just because. After considering dozens of socks, we tested nine pairs and found that the Sockwell Elevation Firm Socks (women’s and men’s) have the best balance of features: They are comfortably snug but still easy to put on, maintain their elasticity following multiple washes, come in ample size and color options, cost half what other top brands do, and are downright stylish compared with all of the other socks we considered.

Affording a Tesla Model S is about to become more challenging

Model S

Tesla has confirmed it is removing it’s most affordable Model S sedan from the range.

Starting this Sunday, the rear-wheel drive Tesla S 75 model, priced from $69,500, will no longer be available for sale.

That means the all-wheel drive, dual motor 75D will now be the cheapest Model S on the market at $74,500.

Electrek reports that orders will be taken through Sunday night, but after that the model will be removed from Tesla’s online design studio.

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Rather than simply raising the entry level for the Model S, Tesla’s thinking is likely geared to the new Model 3.

The less expensive sedan, which is starting to roll out to the first pre-order customers, is now the only rear-wheel drive in the firm’s garage.

This move also creates a greater price gap between the premium Model S and the $35,000 Model 3, which is geared towards a more mainstream audience.

The company will likely be wary of crossover potentially canibalising sales.

With Model 3 delivery well underway, Elon Musk’s company is preparing to announce its next vehicle.

The company is preparing to reveal the “beast” of an all-electric semi truck on October 26.

Were you saving up for a Model S? Or are you thinking of jumping on a Model 3? Send us your thoughts @TrustedReviews on Twitter.



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Dear Wirecutter: What Adventure Duffel Bag Should My Son Bring on His Travels?


Q: We have a son who has planned a trip to surf in the Maldives. I’d like to send him new luggage … a birthday present … before his trip. He’ll fly from LA to Dubai and then to somewhere in the Indian Ocean, change planes to a small (probably) prop plane, and then will reside on a boat for ten days. I read with interest your review this morning about luggage, but I think a duffel is better for this trip. He’ll need the length for his fins. The spear gun won’t be allowed, so puncture issues aren’t so important. The water may not require a wetsuit, but if he takes one, they’re heavy and bulky. One of our other boys uses a Patagonia bag for his mountain climbing ventures; his cramp-ons and ice picks don’t puncture the bag. Would love a review of bags for the adventuresome.

The Best Tabletop Radio


Our pick for the best tabletop radio, the Sangean WR-11. It has a large tuning knob, two knobs to control volume and AM/FM.

After seven days of fiddling with knobs, adjusting antennas, and listening to endless AM and FM broadcasts using six top-rated radios, we think the best tabletop radio for most people is the Sangean WR-11. It has the simple controls, inviting sound, and accurate tuning you need from a tabletop radio wrapped in a wooden cabinet that’s as well-built as it is beautiful. Yet it costs roughly half as much as its better-known competition.

The Best Neti Pot


After conducting 25 hours of research into the safety and efficacy of nasal irrigation, consulting experts, and considering 18 vessels, we think the Aromatic Salt Premium Ceramic Neti Pot is the best one for most noses. It was the easiest to clean and had the fewest places for bacteria and gunk to hide of all the devices we tested. If you prefer a squeeze bottle, we suggest the NeilMed Sinus Rinse Starter Kit. It, too, is a cinch to clean, plus it took the least squeezing to dispense all liquid compared with all other pressure-based nasal irrigators we tested.

Super Mario 64 Online lives despite Nintendo’s efforts to kill mod

Mario 64

The intriguing Super Mario 64 Online mod, which turns the classic, single-player platformer into a multiplayer free-for-all with a full cast of characters, has predictably fallen foul of Nintendo.

Nintendo’s trigger-happy legal team has quickly issued takedown notices for videos promoting the tool, which required an original ROM played through an emulator.

The copyright notices have also ensured game over (at least for now) for the plugin creator’s Patron account.

Crucially though, Nintendo hasn’t gotten to the mod itself yet. Because Nintendo doesn’t own the .exe file, it hasn’t been able to vanquish it completely (via Engadget).

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So, the Super Mario 64 Online plugin, which provides gameplay reminiscent of Mario Kart, is still available from the project’s website.

Kaze Emanuar has also posted a new YouTube video explaining how to download and install the tool.


Mario mashup

The mod enables a one of the all time greats to be enjoyed as a 24-player online extravaganza.

The result is a sort of Mario Kart vs Super Mario mashup, with players competing for coins and power ups in an attempt to finish the level first.

Players are also encouraged to invent their own mini-games, including a cheeky little game of hide-and-seek in the mansion.

Each new character in the game (all the gang’s here) plays it slightly differently too. Princess Peach can fly/float for example.

Have you taken SM64 for a spin? Drop us a line with your thoughts @TrustedReviews on Twitter.

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