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Palm Pre Nears Launch: New Features Cause Stir


The D: All Things Digital Conference kept attendees through the final session by scheduling a demo of the new Palm Pre as the very last event.  The news is streaming online fast from this presentation today. A Fortune magazine article mentioned that if you plug a Pre into a Mac computer, it syncs seamlessly, with Apple’s iTunes. It is assumed that the Palm software and hardware configuration the iTunes Store treats the Pre just as it would an iPod or an iPhone except for  Digital rights management songs and iPhone applications.

Third party programs that sync music with various non-Apple MP3 players — including the Palm Treo and 700p –  have been available for some time. But team Pre has apparently built the necessary code right into the device’s firmware. Several members of the engineering team behind the Palm Pre previously were employed at Apple and worked on the original iPod.

Other reporters following the announcement at the D7 conference mentioned that the Palm Pre will be Twitter friendly. This is important since some people do not want to have a text plan to use twitter on a mobile phone. Eric Schonfield, a reported for tech Crunch, observed a  demo of the Palm Pre at the D7 conference, and Twitter search was showcased as one of its universal search options (along with Google and other search engines). Other features shown in the demo included the ability to, download music over the air from the Amazon MP3 store, run multiple apps at the same time, and integrate third-party applications with other palm applications on the Palm Pre such as the calendar. For instance, The prensenter claimed that if you buy a movie ticket through a Fandango app, it can make an entry on your calendar.  This has to be seen to be believed. Integrating applications from different vendors is very difficult.

The most interesting news bit coming out of the Palm pre buzz is the news that Verizon Wireless’ CEO said the largest US carrier will have the Palm Pre in about six months.

Good Ideas for Storage in the Home


If there is one room where space is usually at a premium, its the bathroom. Storage solutions will let you make the most of every inch. Some great ideas include under-sink storage area constructed of simple plywood covered 2 x 4’s then painted to replace a vanity. Simply contructed, this can add more room. The sectioned-off shelves make organization easy, preventing the deep pile up that usually occurs in under sink storage.

You can accessorize the bathroom with chrome baskets that slide out easily for access to rolled up handtowels, washcloths, toilet tissue and bath products. Above-counter basins take up less under-sink space providing even more storage area. A niche cut into the wall for a narrow cabinet and shelves adds plenty of hiding space but does not intrude on the room.

Get in the habit of looking up, rather than around for more room. You can usually find vertical space for shelves and storage.

Living room storage is slightly different. The secret to finding space is simple as looking at something in a new way. Use a hallway console table or a dining room sideboard in the living room. Stash everyday items in the drawers and save the top for beautiful accessories. Tuck a large woven basket in an out o way spot to corral throw pillows and afghans. The key is double duty furniture.  New home and garden items, such as the home decor items mentioned in this post, are added daily to comfortchannel.com.

Lower the Mosquito Population in Your Backyard in 3-4 Weeks


Female biting insects require blood to nourish their eggs, and we know that you do not want to be the source of that blood. Scientific research has proven that mosquitoes track down hosts by sensing the carbon dioxide, moisture, and heat from breath, body odors, and color contrasts. Propane mosquito catchers work by burning the gas into warm carbon dioxide and water vapor. The precision mixture is released out into the air stream. Additionally, mosquito killer machines use lures and traps that offer additional scents to increase the attraction power of the devices. USDA has approved these types of mosquito trappers as effective at attracting, trapping, and killing a wide variety of biting insects.
Extended coverage, Skeetervac mosquito exterminators are perfect for those living in areas heavily populated by mosquitoes. The SkeeterVac™ is the perfect mosquito killing solution. Protect your friends and family from mosquito transmitted disease, while creating a more comfortable atmosphere in your outdoor living space with the highly effective SkeeterVac™. The SkeeterVac SV-5100 offers over 1 + acres of coverage against mosquito and other biting insects. Compared to other comparable units, the SV-5100 has 60-140 % more CO2 output, twice as many trapping systems, 3 times longer bait life and a patented FineTune baiting system that is easy to adjust. This commercial grade unit attracts more species of mosquitos than any other unit!

Need to Clean: Here is a Buying Guide for Hand Vacs


There is a time and place for a small handheld vacuum when the pulling out the big vacuum cleaner is overkill. Is it worth spending more than a hundred dollars for an item that is not a full time cleaning appliance. For people that clean homes for a living, a hand vac is an essential tool for cleaning a home. Handvacs can be just what is needed for cleaning the stairs.

Key Features:

Battery Charging Time. Relative to cordless hand vacs, a key thing is the battery. Lithium ion batteries hold a charge longer and contain more energy than regular batteries.The other thing is not to overcharge. Overcharging can deplete the battery, shortening the battery life. It is better to fully charge it and then leave it unplugged. Generally, suction is strongest in the first minutes after recharging, than loses power.

Weight: The lighter the better for carrying around the home. Look for models that weigh four pounds or less.

Volts: power can be measured by volts. Cordless models can range from 7.2 volts to 21.6 volts. The vacuum power will be higher with higher voltage.

Other nice features in a handvac include transparent debris compartments, attachments, and most importantly a nice filter. Filter thickness can affect suction power. Experts recommend a pleated filter rather than a cloth one.

Hoover Wet/Dry Vac Hand Vacuum, Silver Hoover Wet/Dry Vac Hand Vacuum, Silver

Wet-dry pick up – allows you to pick-up liquid spills or dry debris. Cordless and rechargeable – powerful suction with 7.2 volt rechargeable battery that lasts a long time on a single chargeCarpet and bare floor cleaning – all around the house versatility. Lifts liquid spills out of carpet and bare floorsBagless dirt cup – Easy-to-empty, see-through dirt cup with a washable, reusable filterWall mount – wall mounted recharging rack for convenient storage

The Hoover Platinum Linx is a highly rated Hand Vac. Priced at $130 on average at several online retailers, the Hoover Hand Vac features 18 volts, lithium ion battery, and dust brush/crevice tool attachments. Review experts have highlighted The Black & Decker PHV1800 as one of five hand vacuums to get a “Best Buy” rating on various review sites. A good place to buy small appliances is Buy.com.

Hoover Wet/Dry Vac Hand Vacuum, Silver

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LCD TVs: Environmental Focus during the Week of Earth Day


With the current week having a focus on Earth day and green awareness, the market research firm iSuppli released a survey that showed more than half of all U.S. LCD TV purchasers said environmental issues influenced their decisions in selecting a LCD TV set. 27.5 percent of LCD TV buyers listed green factors as important influences in their purchasing decisions. However, with the increasing market share of LCD TVs in the home, what is happening to old televisions. What is the average consumer doing with the large boxy tv sets when the new flat panel goes on the wall. The concern is the TVs are being dumped into landfills, or collecting in attics due to the lack of recycling centers for old TVs.

So while 23.1 percent of consumers looking to purchase televisions, and looked for green features when buying an LCD TV, a bigger question is if a retailer offered a trade-in program; take in old TV for a new flat panel TV, then would that boost LCD television sales. Since more than half of U.S. LCD TV buyers are paying attention to environmental features, any type of recycling program offered by retailers would be greatly appreciated. Currently, the most understood green feature is Energy Star. More than 40 percent of respondents indicating their television set incorporated one or both of these and only modest variations between the categories and technologies.

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Samsung 9 Series LCD TVs : Details Emerging about New LCD TV Product Line


More information is starting to be released related to the new 9 Series TVs from Samsung. The new LCD TV product line (not pictured) is expected to replace current A950 LCDs, and use a B9000 designation. As mentioned in the LCD TV Buyers Guide, the key product technology is rumored is reported to be LED backlighting with local dimming, as opposed to edge lighting. The benefit to local dimming is that it provides better contrast, by removing light entirely from black sections of an image.

It is expected that the Samsung B9000 LCD TVs will be marketed under Samsung’s Touch of Color line, and communicate via wireless connections to an external media box, helping to keep the LCD television thickness down. The Samsung TVs are expected to be internet ready with Medi@2.0 support that allows access to services such as YouTube and Yahoo Widgets, as well as streaming media from a USB device or PCs connected wirelessly through DLNA. European versions of the TVs are said to have DVB-T and DVB-C tuners. The Samsung 9 Series should roll out with just two screen sizes, 46 and 55 inches. Release is expected sometime in the summer or fall; no prices have been released, but anticipate premium pricing compared to the current market prices of 46 and 55 inch LCD TV models.

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